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1952 West York Telephone Directory

Old West York Postcards

1948 Hand-Held Fan

Nidey's Garage Ashtray

The Memories Page

Robinson Argus Article-Sept 1976

Murder In West York!

Vintage Photo Album

The West York People Page

The 1998 Photo Album

Remember "The Good Old Days"?

Leola Elliott Essay - Memories Of West York

West York School - 1901 - 1902

Vintage West York Photos

West York News Of Yesteryear

Vintage West York Grade School Photos

West York Pictures - People & Places

A Few More Photos From Larry Seago

West York Airport

Swifty - The Village Smithy

West York - Small Town Saturday Nights

West York Wheels - 1919 Buick Roadster

Williard Miller's General Store in West York

The Old York Reunion (by Larry Seago)

The Old West York Grade School Clock (circa 1953)

The Old York Reunion (by Mary Olmsted Graham)

Click HERE for a photo and info on my (Roger) first & second
grade teacher at West York Grade School ... Evelyn Davis.



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